Why choose us? There are many personal injury solicitors in Ireland and to be fair to them most of them would do a pretty reasonable job in dealing with a personal injury claim for compensation following an accident that was not your fault.

95% * Success Rate
*Since 2015, in over 95% of cases (where the PIAB Assessment has been rejected by the claimant) Gary Matthews Solicitors has obtained a more favourable outcome for his clients.

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So why would you chose us? We believe that the following positive facts should seriously influence your thinking about us;
  • Be certain that we will give you the best possible chance of winning your personal injury claim for compensation due to the injury that you suffered in an accident that was not of your making. This point is arguably the most important and we will reassure you of our full commitment and we will back that up with our actions in doing the very best for you.
  • That you need a firm of personal injury solicitors Dublin who will tell you at the beginning of your personal injury claim for compensation exactly what your situation is and will keep you fully appraised of your personal injury claim at every step of its journey to conclusion. We will make sure that firstly what you situation is and from then on you will be kept in the picture every step of the way.
  • Fees and costs are an important part of any legal process. You need a legal firm that will spell out all the options for you and in considering your circumstances will come up with a solution that will be tailor made for you. We will make sure that there will be no surprises for you in the area of fees and costs.
  • 4. You should choose a Personal injury solicitor that you can get on with and that you like having contact with them. We will make sure that our relationship with you will be pro active and that we also enjoy inter acting with you and that our journey together is as positive as it could be.
We cannot say that a personal injury claim in Ireland is fun but our aim when you choose us to represent you to make it as stress free and pleasant as possible.
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Personal Injury*

Most of us tend to go through life thinking that only good things will happen to us and for some people it seems that is the case. For others the unthinkable and unpredictable happens and they are involved in an accident which is not of their making and are consequently injured and hurt as a result. If an accident happens to you and after looking after your health, your injuries and your recovery the next thing that you should look for is Gary Matthews Personal Injury Solicitor, so that they can evaluate whether or not you may have a case for compensation for your injuries, for the loss of possible income, for your harm and for the loss of your quality of life.

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These are the kinds of accidents that you may have had ? Your Personal Injury Solicitor, Gary Matthews will be able to advise you on any queries that you might on this subject. So contact him on 019695943

Road Traffic accidents*. Where cars, lorries, buses, bikes and pedestrians are involved.

Slips, falls and trips*. Where people are injured after contact with a third parties defective surface, a worn carpet or a spill of liquid on the floor causes someone.

Work accidents and injuries*. These accidents often happen in the work place either when health and safety is not applied or not enough training is performed or due to faulty or defective tools or machinery.

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  • Fast work
  • Clear communications
  • Personal treatment

Medical negligence*

Medical Negligence is the failure on the part of a medical professional to provide a required standard of treatment, resulting in personal injury or loss to the patient

Injuries Board (PIAB)

Generally speaking all claims for compensation for injury, except Medical negligence have to be filed with the Injuries Board (PIAB).

Car Accident Claims

Being injured in an accident is a very upsetting experience for you and depending on how serious your injuries are

Whiplash Claims

Whiplash is an injury that can occur to a person following sudden acceleration or
d-acceleration, and a combination of both