Is your insurance company refusing to pay for business interruption due to COVID-19?

These are troubling times for businesses, and despite insurance policies allowing the pursuit of business interruption insurance claims, many insurers are declining to indemnify without any reasonable justification.

In some of these cases decisions made by the insurer or insurance broker are unreasonable and potentially wrong; they are not paying business interruption claims where the policy in question indicates they should be.

We are tackling the insurance companies head on to ensure that you recover what you were insured for.

If you want to explore your legal options one of our team will speak to you.

What happens next?

Our litigation team will review your policy carefully and consider whether or not it has been applied fairly by your insurer in light of the terms and conditions and email you back with a list of options available to your business.

Your Personal Injury Solicitor, Gary Matthews will be able to advise you on any queries that you might have on this subject. So contact him now on 019695943

    * We don’t share your personal info with anyone.

    Even if you have been denied cover we recommend this is revisited as we may advise that the decision taken by your insurance company is wrong and/or unreasonable.

    We will then contact you to advise you in relation to what options are available to you and/or your business.


    How much does it cost?

    If we believe that you have been wrongly denied business interruption cover we will advise you of the best options available to you and advise you about making a claim against your insurers via the courts.

    How long will the review take?

    We anticipate that it will take up to 21 days to consider your policy documents and determine whether or not you have been wrongly denied business interruption cover.

    Any Questions? Please call as: 019695943

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